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Gambar Banjir Besar Di Pakistan

Floodwaters engulf a mosque Monday in Pakistan's Shahdadkot district in an aerial view taken from an Afghan army rescue helicopter.

Pakistanis stand in line for food Monday, August 23, in Sukkur.

Officials fear the human toll will grow worse as people are forced to wade through unsanitary water while clean drinking water is scarce. Here children play in water at the Sukkur camp.

A child eats a meal at a refugee camp in Sukkur. The flooding has disrupted more than 20 million lives and left 1,500 dead.

Pakistanis displaced by the floods use tents for shelter at a refugee camp in Sukkur. What once was a school is now a refugee camp for 2,000 people.

Evacuees hold empty bowls while waiting in line for food at a relief camp in Sukkur on Monday.
Villagers cross a flooded road Tuesday near Rajanpur after evacuating their homes.

An aerial view shows the flooding devastation near Multan, Pakistan. Roughly 4 million people reportedly have been left homeless.

Workers in Haji Khamiso village in southern Pakistan pile sandbags along a riverbank Monday, August 23, to keep flooding at bay.

Floodwaters surround a house and wipe out roads outside Rajanpur, Pakistan, on Tuesday, August 24.
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